Web Design Made Simple For Beginners

Web Design Made Simple For Beginners

There are a lot of things to look into when it comes to web design. While you can find tons of information, narrowing down what you need to know is hard to do at first. This information is here to help you become a web designer.

You cannot use a free web design tool to make sites if you want them to look great and be customizable. Sure, there are plenty of great ways to get help with building a page, but they will create source coding that is tough to alter later. When you use a free website hosting service that has a design tool, it probably will put ads onto your page and you can’t choose a good URL. A content management system like WordPress is okay to use because it’s highly customizable, but other tools are pretty lacking.

Do you know what kind of colors are going to work on a website? You should make sure that text is easy to read and is large enough to be seen. If you’re making a site that will be on mobile devices, then the text shouldn’t be too hard to go through or to scroll through quickly. Nobody wants to have to deal with a background or colors that are going to be blinding or way too dark with dark text on top. Look at some of the biggest websites you can think of and see how they make it easy for people to see their content for more ideas.

Websites have to be able to load fast no matter what when a user shows up. They will back out if it takes longer than a few seconds, and your Google ranking will not do too well if they detect it is a slow website. The more you can deliver a good experience to visitors, the more likely your site is to succeed. When you are building a site you need to test each page after it’s done to see if there are problems with it loading any of the elements. Reduce the amount of text or content on a page if it’s really slow and make it into multiple pages.

Navigation is not easy to get right if you are trying to pack a lot into a website. You should try to make it so that there aren’t too many menus, and at least have a way for people to get somewhere with no more than a couple of clicks. Remember, people on smartphones and things like that have to use a small touchscreen so they can’t hover over small buttons and go too deep into a menu. Make it easy to get from place to place with one click when possible, and avoid using Flash menus and the like.

Before you can get clients, you have to create some reference websites to show off your skills. For example, you can build your own website that you use to talk about your services and if it looks nice it may draw in clients. Also, you can ask for permission from people you work with to show links to their sites on your service website. Check links like this often in case they hired someone new to ensure you’re not linking to work that isn’t relative.

Check links like this often in case they hired someone new to ensure you’re not linking to work that isn’t relative.