The Four Key Principles of Marketing

Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the game. If you are one of them, these 4 fundamental marketing principles will help you get more attention from your prospects and eventually turn them into loyal clients.

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Marketing is a Game

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to attract customers to your business. Without the help of an SEO marketing agency, you’re on your own when it comes to figuring all this out. However, this activity can either be a burden or a game. If it is the former, you are probably going to fail, but if you make it a game, you are going to learn all the moves that will enable you to get the attention of your target audience.

Whether you employ traditional or modern marketing techniques, the game is basically the same. One of the essentials of the game is communication. Communicating in the most appropriate ways can play a huge role in attracting potential clients.

Your Message

The first thing you communicate to your potential clients is the marketing message. A message is crafted to gain attention, generate interest and get your prospects to inquire more about your business.

You want a message that conveys what the potential customers will get if they avail your services or buy your product. The message should not just be a label or a process. It should portray a desirable result that’s really wanted by the prospects.

Marketing Content

Marketing content can be defined as anything written about your business from a social media post to a comprehensive post on your website. Nowadays, marketing content is more crucial than ever. Your potential clients want to check out your business online before they can contact you and so, having the right content is imperative.

Great content gives valuable information and explains what people get when they work with you. People want to know how you work, who you work with, your experience, background and the results you produce. You can give them answers to these questions through articles, blog posts, email newsletters and even video content.

Marketing Conversations

Marketing is entirely communication, and so, verbal interactions or conversations are vital to marketing. It’s almost impossible for a client to start working with you without communicating with you first.

So, what should you tell them about your company, and how do you transform a conversation into an exploration of how you might provide your services? Well, marketing conversations are more about listening than talking. Once you have the attention of a prospect, you will want to know more about their situations, needs, and goals. If they ask a question, it’s your duty to reply succinctly and with an impact.

These are the essential principles of internet marketing, they work the same, however, whether online or offline.

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies And Tips

With online marketing ideas evolving each day, every internet marketer has to keep up with the fast past paced online marketing strategies to remain relevant in the field.

Competition for audience and organic traffic continues to grow as more and more companies/businesses embrace the online marketplace.


Although hard work pays off eventually, it’s only by adopting effective and up to date online marketing strategies that you can compete with most of the ‘big boys’ in the industry. This means constantly researching and looking for new and efficient marketing strategies to out-compete your competition and business rivals. Outlined below are some of the most effective online marketing strategies that you should implement.

1. Video Marketing:

Using video content to market your company/brand can help attract more organic, and high quality leads your way. One of the reasons for this is that most people prefer watching video clips through their smart devices and computers as compared to reading long articles or text. According to research, YouTube and Facebook clips receive enormous amounts of traffic and views in a day as compared to published articles. Creating a promotional clip and uploading it on either of the video sharing sites can therefore help boost visibility and traffic to your site. Embedding a video clip in blogs and web content can also contribute to attracting more visitors and traffic as well.

2. Content Marketing:

Quality and informative content still play a huge role in online marketing. For starters, search engines rely on quality content to display results, and also use the same to rank websites online. Having quality and original content published on your site, blogs, and social networking pages is therefore recommended for improved visibility online. The published content however needs to be relevant to the subject, meaning you may have to adjust or update it every once in a while.

3. Social Media Marketing:

The Social Media provides direct access to target audience fast and easy. You however need to implement an efficient social media marketing campaign to reach out to the target audience to get quality results and leads. One of the best ways to do this is by creating pages with each social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), and then build a following from the same. The social media is more of a give-to-receive, meaning you will have to follow other members and remain active to get a following.

4. Mobile Responsive Websites and Ad Campaigns:

Almost everybody has a smartphone, with most people using these phones to access the Internet, make purchases online, as well as keep in touch with their loved ones. According to the latest Google announcement, mobile traffic has already overtaken desktop traffic – more people use handheld devices to access the internet and shop online. If you haven’t embraced this already, it would then be wise to have all your websites and blogs mobile ready, hence easy to access using mobile devices with smaller screens.

5. Paid Ads:

Paid adverts are already taking the market by storm, with many businesses using this strategy to introduce new products and services online. Google ads and Facebook ads are some of the most commonly used, and efficient marketing strategies that anyone can use to launch a new business or brand in the market. The beauty of this is that you only get to spend as much as you can, with results almost always guaranteed. The Facebook paid ad program, for instance, helps businesses display adverts to target audiences within their Facebook accounts and pages, meaning you can harvest quality leads from a single campaign.

These are some of the most effective internet marketing strategies that can help your business record massive growth. If handled correctly, these marketing campaigns can help attract more traffic and high quality leads your way, hence more sales.

Aside from this, your business could start showing up on the top pages of a search result.

Responsive Website Design and Layout

Responsive Web Design Layout

A Responsive layout is not the like mobile style web design or conversion app, such as Duda mobile offers. A responsive design requires developing a totally brand-new internet site or internet application. It incorporates material themes specially produced for the mobile encounter. Responsive layout implies that the exact same domain name, the exact same material, and the same phrase structure simply resizes itself, depending on the device is viewed on. This is achieved by essentially adjusted the code via the JavaScript and/or CSS3 to various screen sizes.


This way the site can be easily read and is easy to navigate on various sized screens. Screens, such as; a desktop computer, laptop computers, tablets, and iPads, and then screen sizes as small as smartphones. Basically, a responsive design responds to the viewers’ screen automatically.


Responsive layout, as the underlying base of a websites’ implementation, utilizes versatile or fluid grids, liquid pictures, as well as CSS3 Media Queries to adjust to the audiences’ various screen sizes first and then resolution settings.


Responsive layout is now part of the initiative to maximize the user’s quality of interpretation on various devices. As a growing number of web-accessible devices get into the marketplace, it is crucial that sites can fluidly adjust to several display resolutions. Even some kitchen appliances such as refrigerators now have internet screens and internet connections built right into them. Internet designers and web developers need to think about these types of things these days. Want to have a great looking website? You need a responsive design. If you’re not up to date on these things, you could lose a ton of business. If they can’t read and navigate your website, they’ll move on to the next.

A recent TechCrunch Study anticipated that mobile phones would surpass desktop computers with the use of more apps, such as Instagram. Computer and internet users with a forecast of 1.9 billion individuals on mobile phones, compared with “just” 1.6 billion desktop computer web customers. Your website must be mobile friendly or you’re simply wasting your time maintaining a website, let alone, trying to attract customers and clients. You should really get some expert help in this area if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Responsive layout might have begun as a fad, however, it has rapidly ended up being an absolute must, for any website.

Web Design Made Simple For Beginners

Web Design Made Simple For Beginners

There are a lot of things to look into when it comes to web design. While you can find tons of information, narrowing down what you need to know is hard to do at first. This information is here to help you become a web designer.

You cannot use a free web design tool to make sites if you want them to look great and be customizable. Sure, there are plenty of great ways to get help with building a page, but they will create source coding that is tough to alter later. When you use a free website hosting service that has a design tool, it probably will put ads onto your page and you can’t choose a good URL. A content management system like WordPress is okay to use because it’s highly customizable, but other tools are pretty lacking.

Do you know what kind of colors are going to work on a website? You should make sure that text is easy to read and is large enough to be seen. If you’re making a site that will be on mobile devices, then the text shouldn’t be too hard to go through or to scroll through quickly. Nobody wants to have to deal with a background or colors that are going to be blinding or way too dark with dark text on top. Look at some of the biggest websites you can think of and see how they make it easy for people to see their content for more ideas.

Websites have to be able to load fast no matter what when a user shows up. They will back out if it takes longer than a few seconds, and your Google ranking will not do too well if they detect it is a slow website. The more you can deliver a good experience to visitors, the more likely your site is to succeed. When you are building a site you need to test each page after it’s done to see if there are problems with it loading any of the elements. Reduce the amount of text or content on a page if it’s really slow and make it into multiple pages.

Navigation is not easy to get right if you are trying to pack a lot into a website. You should try to make it so that there aren’t too many menus, and at least have a way for people to get somewhere with no more than a couple of clicks. Remember, people on smartphones and things like that have to use a small touchscreen so they can’t hover over small buttons and go too deep into a menu. Make it easy to get from place to place with one click when possible, and avoid using Flash menus and the like.

Before you can get clients, you have to create some reference websites to show off your skills. For example, you can build your own website that you use to talk about your services and if it looks nice it may draw in clients. Also, you can ask for permission from people you work with to show links to their sites on your service website. Check links like this often in case they hired someone new to ensure you’re not linking to work that isn’t relative.

Check links like this often in case they hired someone new to ensure you’re not linking to work that isn’t relative.